Lisa Emory

AVP of Development and Marketing

Lisa has an extensive background in advertising and marketing. She worked for several large newspaper companies in a decades-long career where she held leadership roles in advertising and project management. During her media career Lisa was heavily involved in the business community which involved speaking engagements, serving on marketing committees, and participating in leadership programs.

Lisa also had vast exposure to the non-profit community, serving on the United Way Manatee (now United Way Suncoast) Board of Directors for six years; she regularly volunteered for a wide variety of non-profits; and she had the opportunity to work with over 200 non-profits helping them develop print and digital advertising campaigns.

Lisa immensely enjoyed collaborating with these organizations. This became her passion which led Lisa to pursue a new career in the non-profit sector where she could make a difference. Lisa is absolutely honored to work for Parc and the amazing individuals we serve who are so full of happiness and bring joy to everyone they touch. “Working for Parc is rewarding beyond my imagination, and I look forward to many, many years at Parc!”