At 80 years young, William, fondly known as “Bill,” is Parc’s oldest resident. Bill has Cerebral Palsy as well as an intellectual disability. Bill is a warm, happy, friendly man who lives in Parc’s Bert Muller Home, an Intermediate Care Facility. Bill began his life at Parc Center for Disabilities by participating in the Adult Day Training program. Before moving to the Bert Muller Home, Bill lived in a local nursing home. His mother wanted Bill to have the opportunity to live and work with peers and felt that the nursing home setting was not appropriate for his needs. Bill flourished after moving in and quickly became a staff favorite. Many of his friends already lived there and he fit right in. In early 1999, when an opening at one of Parc’s two group homes, Burkett Villa, became available, Bill was able to transition there. He lived a wonderful life at Burkett Villa for 20 years. In 2019, due to increasing medical and supervision needs, Bill moved back to the Burt Muller Home, so he could receive 24-hour a day nursing and medical treatment that the Intermediate Care Facility provides. Bill continues to love being a Parc resident. He enjoys all activities, attention, and supports he receives. He is still a happy and eager participant in Parc’s day program and looks forward to going every day. Bill continues to be a campus favorite and everyone at Parc is better for having Bill in our family.