Lisa has been with Parc Center for Disabilities for 46 years. In 1973 the family moved to Florida from Michigan and in 1976, Lisa was evaluated by Bert Muller himself. Lisa lived at home with her mom for 42 years and came to the Parc campus daily on our vans until 2018 when she moved into Curry Villa. During this transition, Lisa’s family worked closely with Parc staff, which was a collaboration and a partnership to make sure Lisa was productive and independent. During Covid-19 Lisa experienced many challenges and hospitalizations. After leaving he hospital, her family felt it was very important to keep Lisa at Parc. They worked with Parc staff to transition Lisa to Burkett, one of Parc’s group homes because it was better a fit for Lisa and her changing needs. Lisa is now thriving at Burkett. She has enjoyed a remarkable journey at Parc Center for Disabilities. She has participated in a variety of programs at Parc over 4 decades including the Special Olympics, Track & Field in 1982, Life Skills Development where she was able to participate in different jobs and be independent; Lisa recently discovered her true talent in our Fine Arts Studio where she is able to express herself in her art. She has made many beautiful pieces of art and was recently a featured artist at our Black Tie Gala. Lisa’s sister Kristin has nothing but praise for Parc staff. She wants everyone to know how appreciative families are of Parc Center for Disabilities and how EVERY dollar DOES make a difference. The family’s mission for Lisa is for Lisa to be Happy. “We are happy for her, we feel positive for her, so in turn Lisa feels that positivity, and PARC is her home.