Meet Karen, she had been a participant at the Inspired Artist Studios for many years. During the pandemic, Karen stayed home for nearly 3 years, where she lives independently in a supported living setting. During this time, she was missing the creative outlet she experienced at Parc.

Karen has a love for exploring nature and expresses her creativity by painting landscapes and birds.

Karen recently returned to our Inspired Artist program where she is once again flourishing. Since her return, Karen has expanded her work and is now painting other subjects. She also enjoys learning new techniques and has started exploring mixed media pieces. Karen is very meticulous, innovative, and independent. Her work continues to capture her warm personality and caring nature which emerges on the canvas.

During her time at Parc, Karen has become an accomplished artist with a folk art following and a large collection of art. She was recently a featured artist at the Good Earth exhibit where several of her pieces sold, allowing her to earn an income from her talent and creative vision.