Grace is 2-1/2 years old and began attending Parc’s Discovery Learning Center at 6 months of age.  Despite having Down Syndrome, Grace radiates joy and self-love, often seen admiring her reflection, smiling, and playfully kissing her image in the mirror. Her enthusiasm extends to dancing, where she gleefully moves to any tune, using the mirror as her stage.

Transitioning to the classroom for 2-year-olds marked a significant turning point for Grace. Her verbal skills have notably improved, engaging responsively in conversations. This period also saw her mastering walking, a milestone that has opened up a new world for her to investigate, particularly the expansive playground where she independently navigates the jungle gym stairs and slides.

Grace’s affectionate nature is heartwarming; she’s generous with hugs, loves to blow kisses, and often reaches out for a comforting embrace. Her presence at the center is uplifting; her beaming smile and open arms have a special way of touching everyone’s hearts, embodying the purest form of joy and connection.