Parc Website Stories

Meet Gavin, a resident at Curry Villa.  Prior to entering Parc’s Center for Disabilities’ residential services program 2-1/2 years ago, Gavin had experienced devastating trauma along with emotional and physical neglect. He was completely alone and was under medical care at a local hospital for several months. In addition, his teeth were in very poor condition.

After conducting an intake meeting with Gavin at the hospital, the Parc team knew immediately that they needed to act. They quickly stepped in and began advocating on behalf of Gavin. It has been an extremely long, and rewarding journey involving medical appointments and dental care, as well as therapy and counseling services to work through Gavin’s traumatic experiences.

Since joining the Parc family, Gavin has blossomed! He enjoys his independence at Curry Villa and participates in a variety of community outings and activities. While at Parc’s Adult Day Program, Gavin thrives and is excited to share that he has a job and earns a paycheck.  Most recently, Gavin has been afforded the opportunity to express himself in the Inspired Arts program where he has created art pieces that mean so much to him, and Gavin also has a great love for music. He finds it calming and an excellent tool to use when working through frustrations and aggravations.  He recently went to his first concert to see Ed Sheeran where he was beaming from ear to ear with his new bright smile!!