Meet DeAeira, one of our adult participants who was born with intellectual disabilities and a vision impairment. Following the death of her mother in 2019, DeAeira was left alone with a life no one prepared her for and a house she could not afford. She had no family, no support, and no confidence in her abilities to work and earn an income. DeAeira was about to lose everything, including her will to live.

Fortunately, Brian Rothey, our Assistant Vice President of Adult and Community Programs heard about DeAeira through a friend. Brian acted quickly and encouraged DeAeira to enroll in Parc Center for Disabilities’ Adult Day Program where she learned valuable independent living skills. She also started a production job at Parc Center Industries two days per week, earning a paycheck for the first time in her life, something she never imagined.

DeAeira’s confidence and skill set has grown tremendously in the last three years. Today, she is thriving, has incredible work ethic, and has increased her work schedule to four days a week on the assembly line building air filters for AAF Flanders. With ongoing support from supervisors, co-workers, and new friends, DeAeira’s commitment to working hard and supporting herself has never been stronger. In fact, her employment success has her wanting to work as much as possible for a special reason. DeAeira has set a goal to purchase her own home and is putting every paycheck into a savings account towards a down payment. Doors have opened for DeAeira!

“After my mom passed away, I lost my ambition. Parc Center for Disabilities has given me the opportunity to work out in the community. Now my number one goal is to buy a condo. I want to work, I’m here to work hard, and nothing is going to stop me.” 

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