Project SEARCH


project-searchProject SEARCH is a nationally recognized community based internship program that provides employment training and education for youth with disabilities. This is a hands-on training model that is protected under an international trademark and copyright. Florida began providing Project SEARCH opportunities in 2007. Today there are 22 Project Search sites in Florida.

The model provides students the opportunity to engage in various work experiences in different occupations. The student completes a series on internships at the employer’s site. This allows student interns to identify the opportunity that best matches their individual strengths, aptitudes, and interests. The goal of the program for all participants is competitive employment upon graduation.

The PARC Project Search site is the first Project Search site on the west coast of Florida. The site is located at Johns Hopkins-All Children’s Hospital. The first group of students started at All Children’s Hospital in 2014. In the fall of 2016, PARC will be adding a new Project Search site in Northern Pinellas County

The Project SEARCH Model

A business driven program design that gives students an opportunity to develop the employment and social skills needed to be successful on the job
Marketable skills acquired through experiencing and working in a variety of internships within the in employer’s site
Success measured by the intern obtaining into year-round, competitive employment in an integrated and inclusive setting
Collaboration between the business, school system, and service providers


  • Have a wide range of disabilities
  • Are between the ages of 18 and 21 years old
  • Use public transportation or other independent means
  • Classroom instruction led by licensed teacher within the employer’s site

Classroom Instruction Includes

  • Team Building
  • Technology
  • Navigating a Worksite
  • Workplace Safety
  • Communication
  • Health & Wellness
  • Social Skills
  • Money Management
  • Employability Skills