Community Employment Services


PARC provides employment services programs for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our programs offer a wide range of pre-employment and employment programming through day and community programming that allows individuals to gain independence. Individuals learn employability skills, socialization, daily living, and self-advocacy skills in safe, supervised environments.

Components of PARC’s employment services include:

Vocational Rehabilitation

PARC'S Vocational Rehabilitation is an excellent opportunity for both employers and job seekers.

With On The Job Training:

  • The trainee  participates in receiving hands-on training in an integrated work setting provided by the supervisor at the job and PARC's job coach
  • The average length is 90 days.  Training length is based on employer needs, and difficulty of job.
  • The trainee is paid minimum wage by PARC.
  • Worker's Compensation and Unemployment Insurance is covered by PARC for the trainee as well as PARC's Employment Consultant.

Employers are not required to offer a job at the completion of an on the job training.  However, if the Employer is pleased with the trainee they may certainly offer a position.  If the individual is hired by the employer, the job coach continues to train the trainee for the specified amount of time.

Other Employment and Vocational Services include:

  • Job preparation
  • Discovery
  • Job Placement
  • Training on the Job
  • Financial literacy

Contact Information

Brian Rothey
Director of Adult Community Programs
727-345-9111 ext. 6907