For 70 years, Parc Children’s Services has led the industry in Early Experiences Informed Care (EEIC.) From our beginning in 1953, Parc Center for Disabilities has always recognized the critical importance of meaningful and loving one-on-one interactions with the children we serve.

Our Children’s Services Programs

Parc Children’s Services is renowned for four distinct EEIC programs and services: Discovery Learning Center, Onsite Therapy, Family Focus, Caregiver Relief. These programs and services are delivered by our highly trained team of Early Experiences Informed childcare and intervention professionals. Parc Children’s Services is Pinellas County’s hub of expertise for early learning opportunities, family support, individualized therapies, and school readiness education.


Learning Center

Our inclusive preschool welcomes children from 2 months to 5 years old, fostering an environment where every child can thrive. At DLC, we specialize in creating tailored early learning experiences that cater to diverse intellectual and developmental needs, ensuring that each child's unique potential is nurtured and celebrated.

Children Physical Therapy


As part of the daily programming at Discovery Learning Center, we provide personalized Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy to help each child reach their full potential. Our compassionate therapists work closely with your child to support their unique developmental needs.

Family Focus


Our Early Intervention services are designed for children and families at risk of or diagnosed with a disability. Our team of community-based Early Intervention teachers stand by your side, offering coordinated services at your child’s preschool or home that promote age-appropriate growth and development, ensuring no family feels alone on this journey.


Recognized nationally, this innovative program offers in-home relief and support for the caregivers and families of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We understand the challenges you face and are here to provide the resources and short breaks you need to continue being the amazing caregiver you are.

Join us in making a difference in your child’s life.
At Parc Children’s Services, every child is cherished, and every family is embraced. Let’s shine together.

Discovery Learning Center and Family Focum are funded by the Juvenile Welfare Board.

Caregiver Relief Services is partially funded by Pinellas Community Foundation’s General Operating Grant
and Senior Citizen Services: Senior Support Services.

Ways to Make a Difference

Your support today can significantly impact the quality of life for our children and families. Donations enable Parc Center for Disabilities to continue offering vital services.  Contributions help fund educational materials, therapy equipment, and family support programs, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Provides Caregiver Relief services to one family for three months
$ 0
Provides classroom supplies for one classroom at Discovery Learning Center
$ 0
Provides emergency diapers and wipes for one child in Family Focus
$ 0

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