Autism Behavior Center

Autism Behavior Center

abc-bannerThe Autism Behavioral Center at PARC provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as medically prescribed therapy to children and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The facility includes a multi-sensory environment, private therapy room and family observation areas.  Goals are determined through the weekly sessions provided concurrent with parent training.  The program will address these issues:

  • Functional communication
  • Skill deficits
  • Activities of daily living, including hygiene, dressing, feeding
  • Food aversion
  • Social skill development
  • Enrich school readiness with age appropriate academics

Who Can Benefit From Our Services

The Autism Behavioral Centers services are appropriate for individuals of all ages who engage in behavior that:

  • Restricts social contact and participation in integrated settings
  • Endangers the individual, family or others
  • Interferes with an individual's development skills, especially critical for children who are preparing for school readiness
  • Disrupts important family, school and community routines

What Can I Expect?

When an adult or child is referred to the Autism Behavioral Center, the Behavior Analyst works with the family, school system, and other professionals as necessary to:

  • Identify specific areas of concern and develop goals for the individual and family
  • Determine the circumstances affecting the individual's behavior and the purpose it is serving
  • Perform a functional language assessment identifying deficits and specific barriers
  • Create a treatment plan: teaching specific skills, enhancing functional communication and reducing problem behaviors across clinical and natural settings
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions across settings, making revisions when necessary

For more information about the Autism Behavioral Center, please call 727-345-9111.