Financial Literacy, Healthy Living and Recreation

Financial Literacy

PARC provides services to adults who wish to gain and sustain employment in the community through work-force training day programs, supported employment services, and vocational rehabilitation services.

The curriculum-based instruction works to advance learning by the offering of activities and instruction in subjects that will include currency recognition, banking, budgeting, personal finance management, money-counting and change determination.

It is vital to the growth of all persons, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they desire and strive for an independent life-style, that they gain an understanding and appreciation of finance and personal money management. As self-sufficiency, job attainment, and economic stability are goals of many men and women who receive PARC services, the understanding of personal financial management and identification and use of money is an important component to achieving and successfully sustaining those goals. It gives them a lasting healthy financial life-style and confidence that will lead to opportunities for independence; a chance to become active and contributing members of our community, as well as protect them from irresponsible debt and potential acts of financial mistreatment.