The Inspired Artist Studios offers a large variety of programs extending from fine arts to performing arts, all aiming to promote diversity and inclusion in the contemporary dialogue of the arts.

Visual Art Classes

The area of learning that is based upon the kind of art that one can see including:

• Pottery
• Painting
• Mixed media art
• Sculpture
• Candle making
• Jewelry making
• Digital art
• Paper art
• Commissioned art

Performing Art Classes

Forms of art in which artists use their voices, bodies or inanimate objects to convey artistic expression. Classes include:

• Musical theatre
• Theatre
• Inspired choir
• Inspired concerts
• Drum circle
• Band

Community Engagement

Artists participate in events and fundraisers throughout the year including:

• Second Saturday Art Walk
• Art in the PARC
• Green Thumb Festival
• Florida Shines On Exhibition
• Theatre performances
• Ozona Roots Festival
• Community workshops
• Business partnerships

Sample Creations from Artists at parc

*Images shown are samples and might not be available for purchase.

Mattie Mingst

Inspired Arts Director
(727) 345-9111 EXT. 6931
"Through these programs, we see these individuals open up; they are given the opportunity to express themselves, socialize, be a part of their community. That's what's most important."