A pioneer in Early Experiences Informed Care, our Family Focus Program has been providing Early Intervention for children living in Pinellas County for over 30 years. Our team of EEIC-trained Early Intervention Teachers specialize in individualized support for children from all backgrounds and early experiences, to develop age-appropriate Cognitive, Social-Emotional, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Communication, and Self-Help skills.



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Our exclusive Early Experiences Informed Care approach nurtures each child from the important educational stance that every early-life experience impacts all areas of development and ultimate educational success.

Early Intervention

Through weekly one-on-one interactions, our child development experts identify areas of delays and set appropriate goals across six developmental domains: Cognitive, Social-Emotional, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Communication, and Self-Help skills.


Family Focus Early Intervention services are available at no cost to children ages 0-5, who meet the program requirements and reside in Pinellas County. Services are offered in the child’s home, community, school, virtually, or via telehealth.

Working Together

All children participating in the Family Focus Program are assessed upon intake and at regular intervals throughout the program. Working together with families, teachers, and child care providers, our team sets appropriate goals based on developmental performance, skill deficits, and parent concerns. Written documentation of each visit is shared with parents or guardians at the conclusion of each weekly session along with recommendations to further support developmental progress.

Ongoing Support

Family Focus Early Intervention Teachers are experts in helping families navigate through acquiring the appropriate next steps of support for participating children. All families enrolled in the Family Focus Program receive personalized referrals, resources, and supports to assist in further enhancing each child's progress during and after completion of the program including: Pinellas County Public Schools, FDLRS Child-Find, speech and language pathologists, therapists, counselors and community support programs.

JWB Partner

PARC’s Family Focus Program is proud to be funded by the Juvenile Welfare Board. JWB has a commitment to making children a priority, advocating for their best interests, and investing to improve their futures.

Meet our Staff

Kristine Guidice

early Intervention teacher
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Kristie Sandberg

Early Intervention teacher
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Phylicia Bugna

early intervention teacher
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Jennifer Paquette

early intervention teacher

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