30 Jun

Allen Stone performs at PARC

American Idol star Allen Stone made a stop at PARC, in the midst of his U.S. tour, to perform a six-song set of covers and originals for the adult clients with developmental disabilities. Originally from Chewelah, WA, Stone is a Capitol and ATO Records recording artist deeply devoted to making uncompromisingly soulful music that transcends all pop convention. As a 31-year-old singer-songwriter, Stone is no stranger to performing in front of sold-out venues. However, the 85 individuals who cheered him on this Thursday gave him quite a surprise. “I’ve been on tour for three months now and this by far is my best audience yet!”, Stone said to the crowd.

The show was not open to the public due to restrictions regarding media attention and safeguarding clients, but there was nothing short of fun, excitement and laughter in the room. Stone played two originals (“Love Where You’re At”, “The Bed I Made”) and several covers requested by clients including John Denver’s “Country Road” and the Eagles “Take It Easy”. At one point during the show, a client joined Stone on stage to accompany him in “Bare Necessities” from Disney’s The Jungle Book. After his performance, Stone held an autograph session where he introduced himself to every client, interacting with them in his typical heartwarming style. Clients were able to share their excitement by connecting with him, laughing, crying and giving hugs whenever possible.

For individuals with developmental disabilities, live music performances, like Stone’s, captivates attention, motivates action and brings joy and success. It’s a multi-sensory activity that incorporates visual, kinesthetic, auditory and tactile systems. It also acts as a non-verbal system for those who struggle with language. Music can be a wonderful way to connect with others and express oneself.

PARC hopes Stone’s visit will encourage more people to volunteer their time and talents. Passionate volunteers are always needed as both children and adult individuals benefit tremendously from experiences like this. If you would like to volunteer, PARC has all the information you need to get started, whether you’re looking to do brief service, bring a group or want to make a longer-term impact. Contact PARC today at (727) 345-9111 or visit the website and fill out the Volunteer Form.

14 Sep

Friday September 14 Closure Notice

Closure Update: All PARC programs for adults and children will be closed tomorrow, Friday, September 14, 2017. This includes transportation services. We look forward to being fully functional by Monday with all programs back to normal.

All staff please report to work during for your regular schedule.

13 Sep

Thursday September 14

On Thursday 9/14 , PARC Adult Day Programs will be closed to participants. Closure includes PARC Day Transportation Services.
Discovery Learning Center including VPK and Head Start is closed to students until Monday 9/18.

Beginning Thursday 9/14, PARC is fully open to staff in all areas. Staff should report to work tomorrow per your typical work schedule.

12 Sep

Closures until Monday 9/18

Adult and Childrens Day programs will be closed tomorrow, 9/13. ALL children’s services will be closed until Monday, 9/18.

08 Sep
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07 Sep
05 Sep


To Parents- Guardians- Caregivers- Transportation Providers- PARC Staff

When a HURRICANE WATCH is issued for Pinellas County by appropriate authority, ALL PARC DAY PROGRAMS ARE CLOSED and CANCELLED. (Staff will report to duty for storm preparations)

When a HURRICANE WARNING is issued for Pinellas County by appropriate authority, ALL PARC DAY PROGRAMS ARE CLOSED/CANCELLED AND PARC IS CLOSED.

Other Severe/Tropical Storms are addressed on a case-by-case basis.

For PARC closure status call: 727-345-4941 or 727-345-9111

Pinellas County Residents of all ages with special needs, those without transportation and the elderly, require extra attention and preparation in order to stay protected in weather emergencies.

Though Pinellas County government has education programs in place to help these citizens prepare and find safe shelter, the responsibility for storm preparation rests with individuals and their families or caregivers. That planning needs to happen early. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE STORM IS RAGING.

Call the number below, or go to
to register for special needs assistance.