Together, We Are PARC 


A non-profit organization whose mission is to provide opportunities for children and adults with developmental disabilities to exercise their independence and experience life to the fullest.


By creating and sharing, PARC is proud to provide over 40 services to over 800 children and adults with developmental disabilities.  Through these miraculous stories, PARC supporters are able to understand the vision, mission and values that have been instilled throughout PARC's history.   



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Children's Services


At  PARC's Children's Services, hundreds of children each year benefit from programs focused on early intervention specific to each of their needs.  Learn more.



Adult Services


Adults at PARC look forward to their choice of enjoyable and purposeful activities.  All of the day training experiences enable each individual to feel empowered and ultimately lead to more participation in the community.  Learn more



How You Can Help

PARC depends on the involvement and contributions from the community to serve the children and adults in a multitude of services offered each day.  PARC is a 501(c)3 organization and your donation is tax deductible.  There are many ways you can support PARC. 

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   PARC Adult Day Training Calendar - July 2016 


'Hold My Paw' 


Read Snapper's remarkable journey to becoming a therapy dog.


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A book to benefit PARC




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